May 16, 2022

15 Easy Hairstyles For The Girl On The Go

You do not require designer clothing or invest hours in the beauty salon or before your dressing table, to look fantastic and make a design statement. Your hair is the very best tool available that can add a touch of glam to your daily appearance, immediately.
Do not worry, weve got you covered in the hair department. Whether its school, office or college, these coiffures are very easy to recreate and takes just a few minutes.

1 The Side Dutch Braid

The finest method to take on an oily hair situation is to intertwine it. You can take it one notch higher and knot your hair into a side braid.

2The side triple hairstyle

Embrace those bohemian vibes with this simple hairdo. Just braid your hair into three great braids to develop a side razor-cut impression. Its that simple!

3Floral crown braid

This summer season, channel the inner fairy princess in you. Beat the heat and yet look pretty in those brunch and tea ceremony, with this elegant coiffure. Add a couple of dainty hairpins to add a touch of magic and elegance to this hairstyle.

4Knot me quite

Bored of the easy French plait? Why not attempt a lovely waterfall French braid. This French four-strand braid also makes your hair looks more bouncy and large.

5Old is gold

The retro fashion is rebounding again. A hairstyle which has actually become extremely popular this Coachella season is the hippie-hairdo of the mid-sixties. Attempt this hairstyle for an outing with good friends and even various college and music celebrations.

6The braided ponytail

Too cool for school? This enjoyable ponytail with a braided twist will totally make you stand apart of the crowd, without breaking any discipline or dress code in school.

7The Serena Vanderwoodsen look

Obsessed with Gossip Girl? Well then, you cant neglect Serenas stylish chignon bun Attempt this simple hairdo for a wedding event or any other special celebrations and have all eyes turning towards you

8The double braid knotted bun.

For those who have medium length hair, this is a great hairdo. Part your hair into two halves till the crown section and create two French braids.

9Channel the inner Elsa in you.

Elsas hairstyle from Disneys Frozen is among the most basic yet elegant hairdos. Simply side braid your hair into a French plait and after that tie the rest of your hair into a low bun. And you great to go! This hairdo is ideal for senior proms and weddings or any other unique celebration.

10The Twisted Braid

If you have highlights, then this hairstyle is the very best for showing them off. This streamlined style is extremely easy to recreate and is perfect for school or college.

11Double braid ponytail

Once again, this hairstyle is perfect if youre having a bad hair day and dont know how to style your oily hairs. You can side or middle part your hair and after that braid each side into a French plait. Take the 2 ends of the plaits and attach tie them into a streamlined ponytail.

12Messy Bun

Feeling lazy? Have slept with your hair in a braid? Do not stress, we can utilize this too to our advantage. Leave the braid as it is and connect the rest of your hair into an untidy bun. And youre done!


Let your locks down and show them off often. Convenience is a similarly crucial aspect. Keep your hair far from your face by tying your hair into a half up and half down hairstyle. The timeless op knot is a fantastic example.

14Fishtail Braid

Seeming like a mermaid? Give your hair a quite twist with the timeless fishtail. It is perfect for a casual day out and even for school and college.

15Fauxhawk braid

You can always add that extra edge with accessories. An easy bandanna or a bow can entirely change the look.

You can take it one notch higher and knot your hair into a side braid. Simply braid your hair into 3 great braids to create a side razor-cut illusion. Part your hair into two halves till the crown area and produce 2 French braids. Just side braid your hair into a French plait and then tie the rest of your hair into a low bun. You can side or middle part your hair and then intertwine each side into a French plait.

The fauxhawk braid is a spin on the classic top knot. You can attempt this coiffure if you feel like going a little additional.
Braid the section above your forehead and stop at the crown. End up the braid with an unpleasant top knot.