May 16, 2022

5 Days, 5 Ways: The Waxed Trucker Jacket

5 Days, 5 Ways: The Waxed Trucker Coat

Necessary Fall Outerwear

By Gabi Meyers|Last Updated: Oct 4 2021

Were collected here today to bid so long to the sweat-stained tees of summer, and au revoir to anything that doesnt seem like getting involved a hug..

Late falls cooler weather condition indicates men can go a little heavier on the jackets– think leather, suede, jeans, and waxed canvas.

Its formally fall, and I, personally, am here for it. Every clothing looks better with an additional layer on top– dont @ me, warm weather condition lovers!– so the breezy days of fall are a sartorial true blessing..

What is a waxed jacket?

The trucker coat is a standard issue for every mans closet. Casual however never sloppy, truckers look excellent in every fabric under the sun, so there is a perfect match for each guy.

Naturally youre asking which shape is my favorite, and I obviously have a response.

These stiffer, tougher fabrics aesthetically ravel bumps and create sharper angles than the flim-flam outerwear of spring, so every man gets 20% much better looking, particularly with the backdrop of warm-toned foliage.

The one our team is currently crushing on?


Flint and Tinders Flannel-Lined Waxed Trucker Jacket..

Its also made with waxed sailcloth, which indicates if you get captured in a downpour, you wont smell like a damp pet..

jacket in “Coal”.

Shop the attire:.

Absolutely nothing in your wardrobe might be more fall than flannel, the ultimate fabric of pumpkin selecting and apple cider drinking.

… before your S.O. attempts to steal it, that is.

Listed below, take a look at five ways to use the Flint and Tinder waxed trucker jacket:.

Now, since this series is called 5 Days, 5 Ways, not 9 Days, 9 Ways, I had to select just a couple of to feature. Rest guaranteed, you might use the appearances here with any color coat you like.

This is the sort of coat you buy now and keep permanently. It truly simply improves with age.

Oh, and it can be found in 9 (count em, 9!) colors, so you can definitely discover one that is the ideal shade for your closet.

Wear it Well: Jacket Season << 3s Sweater Weather! Use it Well: The structured fit of the trucker makes an orange sweatshirt and freight pants look cool, not sloppy. Wear it Well: Dial up the cozy aspect by doubling down on flannel. Add some textured drawstring trousers for a look thats comfortable enough for a road journey but still looks excellent when you reach your destination. Include a bandanna, cables, and leather chukkas for a melting pot appearance of styles and textures. jacket in Moss. Love this attire so much you wish to wear it out one night? Update the look with brown leather lace-up boots and a minimal wallet rather of the hip bag. Friday. Use it Well: Hump Day is the perfect day to infuse a little Western wear in your wardrobe. Throw on a denim t-shirt with elegant snaps, however make the appearance modern-day, not old-fashioned with black, minimal pieces. Shop the outfit:. Were partnering with Huckberry this fall to help guys update their cool weather wardrobe. Thanks for supporting the brand names that make Style Girlfriend possible! Layer up and include dark jeans and Chelsea boots to keep the appearance crisp as the leaf pile youre about to jump in. For date night, ditch the knapsack and add black leather Chelsea boots to raise the vibe. If its still too warm for the flannel where you are, choose just the tee shirt for now. And yes, I wholeheartedly recommend swapping in a pair of Birkenstock clogs if you want a slip-on not lace-ups. Wednesday. Shop the clothing:. Wear it Well: Enchanté! A heavyweight Mariner removed shirt gives this Americana-inspired coat a European style. coat in Navy. As the weather cools off, an oxford shirt peeking out from under the sweater can include an additional layer of heat and style. Thursday. RELATED: See how to wear Chelsea boots. Equip with brilliant pops of color to lighten up even the grayest days. Tuesday. coat in Forest. Shop the attire:. While this sepia-toned look elicits a kind of retro ambiance, you might easily change it up by switching in dark jeans or a more standard navy and white Breton t-shirt. coat in "Havana". Store the attire:.