May 17, 2022

5 Things I Learned About Myself Since Moving to Los Angeles

As I go through this journey, reflect, and truly try to take it all in, I wish to share with you the 5 things Ive discovered myself given that transferring to Los Angeles (doing great deals of showing lately). These are 5 things that have really stuck out to me, where Im like, yes to this, and no to that, or wow, this lights me up..

Our big relocation to LA combined with the truth that I was pregnant all along, has actually taken me on an emotional rollercoaster these past 6 months. Theres a lot of elements that go into my very up and down state of mind, but Im actually attempting to remember, Im pregnant and my hormonal agents are all over the place. The 1st trimester alone was a problem, so I didnt truly begin off on the best foot once we showed up here.

1. I need to feel settled in my home.

Our house is still unfurnished, and while we have the bare essentials to feel “moved in,” Im having a hard time. I entered my 1st trimester right when we moved here and was so ill, I could not actually focus on anything home associated. Just the idea of finally getting organized and having a space that feels like home, that brings me delight every early morning when I wake up, is something I cant put into words.

2. Cant handle the extreme heat.

Everyone warned us about the extreme heat in the Valley, but being naive to the entire scenario, we didnt really comprehend or understand what we were getting ourselves into. The Valley is huge, but of course we picked the area where it gets the most popular. How is that even possible? Were talking high 90s -100s for all of July, August, and most likely most of September. Its too hot to go outside, so we find ourselves caged in your home or going to other parts of LA to hang out. Even 15 minutes away remains in the 80s which for us is a lot more manageable. Let me inform you, 80s is MUCH various then 90s, lol. Our lease is up in March, so well see what happens. Were absolutely aiming to move out of the area … believing more south or perhaps even the OC. Im uncertain were ready to buy yet and well see what the rental market appears like then. I know today, theres no stock. Well see, youll have to remain tuned, lol..

3. I actually like the beach.

It wasnt truly my thing. Feeling sticky after putting your legs in the ocean coupled with the sand being in places that it should not be, the entire experience just felt bothersome, lol. Its a fantastic family experience and we feel quite fortunate that Malibu is just 20 minutes away from us.

4. Rural vs. Urban.

When we moved here, I was extremely adamant on living in a more urban location. I didnt want the suburban life at all– we just came from that and I wanted something various. Because we were going to be in LA, specifically. Hello all the things to do, restaurants, cafe, and so on. Well concerned discover, I like rural life. I like slower streets, communities with walkways, and an overall more neighborly feel. I investigated our area a fair bit prior to moving and were 1000% in a fantastic area for all the important things we like. We do not need to go on the highway for our everyday life/needs. But, it doesnt have that quaint, calm, neighborly vibe I never ever understood I required. We live really near to Ventura Blvd, which is super practical and what I wanted, now that were here, I recognize its not for me. Weve been researching and checking out other neighborhoods/cities and have a couple of we like so far. Often it takes trial and mistake? The ideal area and town will certainly play a significant consider our choice on where to calmed down.

5. I enjoy having a yard.

Our huge relocation to LA paired with the fact that I was pregnant all along, has actually truly taken me on a psychological rollercoaster these previous 6 months. Theres a lot of elements that go into my really up and down state of mind, however Im really trying to remember, Im pregnant and my hormones are all over the location. I entered my 1st trimester right when we moved here and was so ill, I could not actually focus on anything home related. Everyone alerted us about the severe heat in the Valley, however being naive to the whole situation, we didnt truly know or understand what we were getting ourselves into. It wasnt truly my thing.

We lived in a rental home when we moved to Oregon, however it just had a tiny side lawn, which we didnt do anything with and used it for pets. Our last house in Oregon (where we moved from) had a backyard, however it would get ravaged by pine trees, so once again, we just used it for the pets. Every time we eat breakfast in our yard it feels like Im on trip.