May 16, 2022

Bernice Burgos Strikes a Pose Wearing Fashion Nova White Satin Plunging Top

Gearing up for a night out, Bernice Burgos was spotted sitting quite in her vehicle using a stylish appearance. She posed in a white satin top, directly from Fashion Nova.

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Bernice Burgos was spied in Fashion Novas $32.99 Touch By Touch Satin Top in white. She used the silky top with a pair of distressed jeans. For devices, she opted for a Louis Vuitton see-through bag and fashion jewelry pieces such as a necklace, stud, watch, and bracelet earrings. She rounded the appearance off with a bun for her hairdo.

The Touch By Touch Satin Top appears with long sleeves and a plunging cowl neck line in a silky smooth satin product. Furthermore, it is offered in white, black, and hunter green. Perfect a night out, the top can be coupled with your preferred mini skirt or denims for a bomb appearance!