May 16, 2022

Life After the COVID-19 Vaccine: Experts envision the ‘new normal’

As we think of our world after the vaccine, were thinking truly carefully about the most intelligent most impactful decisions that we can make to further our objectives. Arts organizations will not come back with the same speed that they had previously. I believe the artistic decisions that individuals make will think a lot more about the impact of that work on our audiences and I think well believe a lot less about home entertainment.

When you state Im not going to get a vaccine however I desire the right to continue to work, I want the right to get on an aircraft, or the right to hear the opera and go, what youre doing is youre imposing that choice on me and on anyone in the neighborhood who may be more susceptible. [Anup Malani] Even if people get immunized, theres an issue of whether its safe to go back to work. Are the other individuals at work that youre handling vaccinated do they feel comfortable that youre vaccinated that theyll engage with you. What vaccine passports can do is remove that unpredictability and give people the self-confidence to engage in activity as they get vaccinated. We cant operate a public health system that way. [Kathleen Cagney] Making use of spatial data can bring excellent insight into public health efforts and to implementation of the vaccine in specific. We understand for instance that low-income communities are at much higher threat both for boiling down with COVID-19 and for dying from COVID-19. If we can use the information, for circumstances from the census, where we understand if structures are multi-dwelling, we understand the density of a particular area.

We cant run a public health system that method. Education is not one size fits all.

Education is not one size fits all.