May 16, 2022

Muniq vs Vega Protein: A head-to-head comparability

Whereas Ive been really pleased with my Muniq shakes, Im all the time looking for additional details and information to raised view what works biggest for MY well being! What greater method to try this than assess my results with trendy shakes in opposition to my results with Muniq..

I wanted to immediately assess Muniq to a various shake, in order that I might see the difference in between the 2 and the benefits of every.

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Earlier than every shake, I took a fingerstick studying (as blood is basically the most correct step for blood sugars). That is referred to as a post-prandial studying and informs you the method meals has actually affected your blood sugars.

As I discussed, Ive been consuming Muniq for simply a little over a year and a half. Its a habits that Ive integrated into a lot of days as an outcome of its basic to drink. I sometimes blend it with ice oat milk, and water, and sip it for both breakfast or dinner..

Glucose take an appearance at: Muniq.

I benefit from Muniqs Vegan Chocolate Flavor as my tester. Up until now as the macro breakdown for one serving, Muniq has:.

In spite of whatever, the numbers all the time notify the reality..

As the majority of Ive been ingesting Muniq considering that April of 2020. I used to be initially hesitant, the outcomes really spoke for themselves. I attempted out many alternative shakes earlier than, nevertheless none provided me the identical advantages as Muniq.

On this head-to-head comparability, I drank Muniq as a meal option for in the future, and Vega Protein as a meal alternative the following day.

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My technique was to make them the similar method. I saw the serving sizes on every container, and I blended them each with 8 ounces of unsweetened oat milk, ice, and 4 ounces of water.

170 Energy.

15g of Prebiotic fiber.

6g of fats.

10mg of ldl cholesterol.

45mg of salt.

41g of whole carbs.

15g of protein.

7g web carbohydrates.

I additionally recognize the dietary vitamins and minerals content material. Plus, its made with pure compounds, so I can be okay with what Im ingesting. Muniq can be very tasty. I discover myself actually craving the Vegan Chocolate flavor typically.

I like Vega Protein for workout days. I typically will drink one after I do a heavy power training regimen. I choose it as a result of its easy to prep, so I can simply take it and go after I work out..

As soon as I at first observed this breakdown, I utilized to be included worrying the carb rely. The really first thing I believed was “that is going to spike my blood glucose!”.

One thing that me about Muniq have actually been the compounds. It makes up prebiotic-resistant starch, which is proven in research study to decrease glucose after its consumed..

I took a look at 2 hours later, and my blood sugar lowered by 36 elements..

Pre-Prandial Blood Glucose earlier than Muniq:.

Whereas this has actually been my knowledge, you require to look for the advice of together with your care personnel about any modifications to your medicine earlier than making any primary options..

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Vega Protein turned out simply a little bit absolutely different for me..

Regardless of how lengthy Ive been ingesting Muniq, seeing the drop is all the time lovely to me. Typically, any meals I eat with carbs spikes me if I do not take the ideal quantity of mealtime insulin. I didnt take mealtime insulin after Muniq, as an outcome of it has actually personally decreased my blood sugar each time..

Vegas macros are the next:.

On the day of this experiment, my blood sugar level was truly excessive for a fasting studying at 139 mg/dL. I normally objective for round 70-100 mg/dL earlier than ingesting Muniq. Beginning out that a lot larger within the early morning was unanticipated for me– however it takes place!.

Second Glucose Check: Vega Protein.

120 Energy.

2.5 g fats.

0mg ldl cholesterol.

270mg sodium.

4g carbs.

20g protein.

Should youre conscious of my patterns from Instagram tales, its rather typical for my blood sugar level to spike after a workout after which substantially drop a variety of hours later..

As most of Ive been consuming Muniq considering that April of 2020. I tried out lots of alternative shakes earlier than, nevertheless none of them provided me the identical benefits as Muniq.

Overall, Muniq ended up being the greater alternative for my blood glucose and overall design..

I did acknowledge that Vega had the advantage of additional protein, nevertheless, it truly didnt maintain me as full so long as Muniq did..

I did some cardio on my Peloton bike earlier than I analyzed my blood glucose that morning.

I additionally believed Vegas lower-carb rely can be a reward, nevertheless as we discovered, it didnt drop my blood sugar higher than Muniq did, which was the big level of this experiment..

I thought that with train, I might see an additional crucial in my blood glucose, the results have actually been in fact attention-grabbing..

In the long run, there have actually been experts and cons for every single of those for me..

Im interested by which shake you d like me to attempt subsequent! Hold forth within the feedback under!.

After going head-to-head, Muniq undoubtedly wins for me on this round!.

I figured combining Vega with my regular glucose drop from train would provide Vega the best possibility at decreasing my ranges in comparison with Muniq.

That was stunning to me. I thought that together with train, I may have seen extra of a drop with Vega, however labels will be deceiving! Generally its about whats truly inside that may stun you..

Whereas Vega did carry me right down to 136 mg/dL, Muniq– even with the next carbohydrate rely, additional energy, and with out the benefit of train– lessened my blood glucose additional!.

Earlier than I drank Vega, my blood glucose was sitting round 157 mg/dL, which was barely larger than my Muniq location to start..

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Considering that, Muniq was efficient at reducing my glucose (per common), I REALLY wanted to position it to the take a look at after I on the other hand it to Vega. Thats why I decided to exercise within the early morning the day I consumed Vega.

As I discussed, Ive been ingesting Muniq for simply a little over a year and a half. I normally objective for round 70-100 mg/dL earlier than ingesting Muniq. Irrespective of how lengthy Ive been ingesting Muniq, seeing the drop is all the time lovely to me.