May 16, 2022


Why I enjoy it? This light-weight mineral powder assists to provide a little bit of coverage, takes down the shine on my face ever so somewhat, and sets my moisturizer and foundation for long days ahead.

Why I like it? It is waterproof, easy to apply, SUPER black in color, and the pointer doesnt become used or lose its precision in time.

Its my FACE! As constantly if you ever have a question feel free to DM me or email me ([email protected])!

STEP SEVEN// Next, I get significant and add a feline eye. Stilas Stay All Day Liquid Liner has actually been a staple for me for the past 7 years. The extremely great, easy to use marker-tip enables me to quickly and properly make use of a simple feline eye each early morning.

ACTION THREE// Using a big featherweight powder brush I gently use a little amount of Laura Mercier Mineral Powder all over, and in a circular, sweeping movement.

STEP TWO// Using my fingertips, I use Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter (shade number 2) all over my face.

This look might be a bit much for some, and I know several buddies who utilize this product, but choose it more sparingly and just on cheekbones, bridge of the nose, etc. If I am looking * extra worn out * I will often apply shape tape listed below my eyes to brighten!

Why I like it? Having lighter eyebrows, I have actually found filling out my eyebrows with a pencil looks un-natural and too extreme on me. This gel allows my brows to look fuller, darker, and more natural, all in a truly easy and quick to apply action!


I enjoy all of my makeup to live in more of the brown/tan world vs. anything with red or pink undertones. I prefer any shadow I use to be flat or matte.

I initially attempted Charlotte Tilburys products a few years back, and I have to state, it was a complete video game changer for me. I utilize other brands, as you will see below, however as of late, Charlotte Tilbury has actually been dominating my appeal cabinet. It sounds super cheesy, but in some cases you find a brand name that makes you feel like the very best variation of yourself, and Charlotte Tilbury does simply that for me.

ACTION ONE// First, I always hydrate with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. I will switch up my moisturizers and will also use this, this and this from time to time!.

Why I like it? The Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream is thick, non-oily, and a little goes a long method.

Why I like it? Contouring can be hard and discovering the right product can be super complicated. I found this product matched my skin tone perfectly, was simple to use, and lasted throughout the day!

STEP SIX// I create more measurement in my eyes by applying 2 shades of shadow from the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette (shade the sophisticate). I apply the lightest shade all over my covers, then using a crease brush, use the next darkest shade to the creases of my eyelids.

STEP FOUR// Next, I contour utilizing a the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Duo. Using a sculpting brush Ill apply the bronzer below my cheekbones, along the sides of my nose, and throughout the top of my forehead/hairline. I then use the highlighter to my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, center of my forehead, temples, and center of my chin. Using a blending brush I then mix together so whatever looks more natural.

STEP FIVE// Using the Charlotte Tilbury Eyebrow Gel (shade supermodel) I brush the gel upward on my eyebrows to assist darken them as well as provide a fuller appearance.

ACTION EIGHT// Add this mascara to help open the eye and enhance my shadow and feline eye!

If you have been following me for a number of years you know Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick is my FAVORITE, step NINE//. While living in SF, and through my early days in NYC, I constantly used Beso however over the previous few years Ive switched it up and Baci has actually been my most recent go-to!

Why I like it? This mascara is very thickening (without great deals of clumps) and extends perfectly. It remains on amazingly well throughout the day and never ever exfoliates!

Why I like it? It is a liquid lipstick that goes on simple and dries matte. If you do not like having anything dry/matte on your lips this item probably isnt for you. It remains on all day– even through meals– and is simply an amazing formula in general.

Why I enjoy it? For the rate, it is the best setting formula I have discovered. I works like a charm and isnt oily or sticky.

I use other brand names, as you will see below, but as of late, Charlotte Tilbury has been controling my charm cabinet. STEP FOUR// Next, I contour using a the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Duo. Utilizing a sculpting brush Ill use the bronzer listed below my cheekbones, along the sides of my nose, and across the top of my forehead/hairline. Utilizing a blending brush I then mix together so everything looks more natural.

And drumroll … HERE IS MY FACE ALL DONE!

STEP TEN// The final action is to set all of it! I utilize Urban Decay All-Nighter to set my final look. From about a foot away from my face, I spray 4-5 times in an easy T motion.

STEP TEN// The last step is to set it all!