May 16, 2022

My Favorite Salad Hack for Easy Weekday Lunches

Why I enjoy store-bought salad blends:.

Thats it! So easy, but so excellent. Hope this easy concept assists change your weekday lunches into something fun and amazing!.

Asian-inspired chicken salad:.

Your preferred Mediterranean chopped salad set + rotisserie chicken tossed with TJs Zhoug sauce + hummus + red wine vinaigrette. (Bonus if you have pita on the side!).

Taco salad:.

Mediterranean sliced salad:.

The finest salad dressings to keep on hand:.

Your favorite southwestern salad mix + rotisserie chicken tossed with your preferred hot sauce or spice blend + dressing (I like the one that features TJs southwestern mix or I will frequently mix together cattle ranch and salsa for a dressing!) You can likewise make this with ground chicken/turkey/beef or a chopped up TJs Southwestern Veggie hamburger!.

Chopped Kale salad:.

Your favorite southwestern salad mix or TJs buffalo cattle ranch mix + rotisserie chicken tossed in buffalo sauce + ranch.

There are many times I dont include anything for the sake of time, or due to the fact that Im low on groceries– but if I can, I typically like to include some additional mix ins aside from what you get in the bag!.

That is why I LOVE salad mixes. I understand this isnt an earth shattering awareness, however I seem like store-bought salad blends often get ignored in the easy lunch department, and they really shouldnt! Theyve come a LONG way from the old unfortunate Caesar salad kits of yore..

All you have to do is shred the chicken when you get home, put it in a container in the fridge, and when youre ready to eat, secure the portion you desire for that meal, and blend it with various sauces/spices to accompany your salad each time you make lunch. It sounds easy, but I guarantee it makes a huge difference in transforming a blah salad into something youll get excited to eat everyday!.

Buffalo chicken salad:.

Your favorite kale salad mix + rotisserie chicken blended with honey mustard + your preferred appetizing vinaigrette. Include fallen apart goat cheese, blue cheese, and/or chopped apples to get additional fancy..

Tessamaes Ranch and Sriracha Ranch.
TJs Peppercorn Ranch.
TJs Toasted Sesame dressing *.
TJs Zhoug sauce *.
TJs Jalapeño sauce.
Salad Girls Crisp Apple Maple Vinaigrette * (among my favorites of all time).
Briannas Blush Wine vinaigrette.
I likewise enjoy to make my own vinaigrette to keep in the refrigerator! *.
Club Lucky Italian Dressing (particular to Chicago!).

They last a long time (unlike that bag of decaying spring mix in your crisper drawer) Theyre normally made with hardier greens– like romaine, cabbage, and kale, so they easily last all week!.
They take two seconds to work up.
Theyre relatively healthy.
Easy to customize and stretch over multiple meals.

How to spice up your salad mix:.

Your favorite Caesar salad mix (I like to chop mine further– I just believe all salad tastes much better sliced!) + rotisserie chicken combined with your preferred cajun spices + caesar dressing. If you desire to make it more healthy, frequently Ill include a handful of TJs Cruciferous Crunch or chopped kale/other type of green!.

My go-to salad hack:.

The finest chopped salad mixes:.

Your favorite Asian-style salad mix + rotisserie chicken tossed in TJs Soyaki sauce + TJs toasted sesame dressing. I like including more fresh cilantro and/or sliced green onions and avocado and sriracha drizzle on leading! (Ill also consume this for supper with some TJs potstickers on the side!).

Kale salad mix (typically you can discover an Asiago Kale, that provides itself well to Italian flavors!) + rotisserie chicken combined with store-bought pesto + optional mozzarella (either little balls or chopped, or honestly I typically use string if thats what I have on hand!) + your preferred Italian or balsamic vinaigrette. (Optional swap: Instead of chicken, you could likewise use sliced prosciutto or salami!).

Cajun Caesar chopped salad:.

Bonus greens to make it more nutritious (I love TJs Cruciferous Crunch that Ill mix in, or simply chopped romaine, kale, etc!).
Sliced tomatoes.
Shredded cheese (typically I find that the mixes dont have enough cheese for my taste, so Ill often include more of my own).
Soft cheese like goat cheese, blue cheese, or feta.
Sliced string (its so good, do not knock it til you try it!).
My own dressings and sauces. (See listed below).
Extra herbs: Fresh cilantro, green onions, and so on go a LONG method in jazzing up a pre-bought salad mix!.
Any leftover farro, quinoa, pasta, etc is constantly delicious and filling!.

Depending upon the salad mix, it might be a fantastic dressing, it might be meh. If I discover the included dressing is dull, I like to have my own on hand to use rather. My supreme fascinations are starred with an asterisk..

That is why I LOVE salad blends. I understand this isnt an earth shattering awareness, but I feel like store-bought salad mixes typically get overlooked in the easy lunch department, and they actually should not! Clearly you know Im a TJs enthusiast– theyre one of the leaders in great chopped salad mixes, however you do not have to go shopping at TJs to get in on the goodness. Depending on the salad mix, it may be a fantastic dressing, it may be meh. Your favorite Asian-style salad mix + rotisserie chicken tossed in TJs Soyaki sauce + TJs toasted sesame dressing.

Certainly you know Im a TJs fan– theyre one of the leaders in fantastic sliced salad blends, but you dont have to patronize TJs to participate the goodness. I think Targets sliced salads are truly fantastic too! Theres likewise a brand name called Taylor Farms that I buy at Marianos and Jewel that I really like! Whatever shop you patronize, head to the fruit and vegetables area and youll discover a great deal of terrific options!.

My favorite combinations:.

Often, I feel like the hardest meal to stress about making everyday is lunch– amiright? Whenever we get to talking about recipes over on Instagram stories, one of the most typical topics that comes up again and again are easy, quick, and healthy lunches!

My supreme hack? I purchase a couple salad packages and a rotisserie chicken at the start of the week, and after that I have actually lunch looked after for the entire week..

Italian chopped salad:.