May 16, 2022

On The State of Vogue: The Kanye West Fashion Impact on Julia Fox, Amber Rose, and Kim Kardashian (Plus All His Appears to be like from Couture Vogue Week)

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An Excerpt, “Kanye West has actually been making his mark on Paris Maless Vogue and Paris Couture Vogue Week with a brand new sweetheart in tow: Julia Fox. And in real Kanye Vogue, his fashionable penchants have currently rubbed off on the younger actress, filmmaker, artist, and mannequin, who mentioned on her Forbidden Fruits podcast, ” Honey, Ive dated billionaires my overall grownup life, lets hold it actual. Kanye tends to be really directional associating with the design choices of the ladies he dates. Exterior of routine coupledom, Kanye serves as creative director, with him staying with neutrals within the background, whereas his females shine in basic colours, combinations, and product choices. “His go tos embody jeans on denim, black on black, and pink clothing.

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Photos: Getty for the State of Vogue