May 17, 2022

Things I’m Afraid To Tell You About My ADHD

October is National ADHD Awareness Month and its obvious that Ive lived a life up against this disorder.

It wasnt up until living with me for many years for him to really comprehend the everyday subtleties and little ticks that make life with ADHD, and life living with a person who has ADHD, rather the battle. What I like most about Grant was that once he began to realize what those little struggles were, he began to point out all of the lots of strengths that also come along with having ADHD. My hyper focused brain is like superwoman on days Im “shooting” with ADHD.

It truly irritates the heck out of me that individuals have actually shamed others and look at people with ADHD as if we have some sort of plague. That this was a good thing?

I hate that word: condition. The dictionary specifies “condition” as a “state of confusion.” I do not feel puzzled at all. Sure, in some cases I may feel confused however I do not live in a constant state of condition even if I have ADHD. It really annoys me that we call ADHD a “disorder.” Nevertheless, in medication, a disruption of regular functioning of the mind or body is thought about a condition. I expect my mind does not function “usually,” however I am all right with that.

I am here to tell you something: ADHD is not my weak point. It is my strength.

Its constantly feels a little difficult to me when I up in a “Things Im Afraid To Tell You” kind of post. When I take a seat to write these, I can not think but assist about the giant who is persuaded that I have bi-polar condition. Im sure its the exact same individual composing this message to me over and over again. Or, perhaps is coming from a couple of different individuals. I can ensure you that I do not have bi-polar disorder which by the method is really difficult to identify. I have been seeing therapists and medical professionals my entire life. For some reason when I open up on social media about my mental disorder battles, I constantly get a viewer or more who is simply here to judge, poke at what may appear like my weaknesses and attempt to get an increase out of me.

Thankfully I have actually had remarkable resources in my their adult years that have actually helped me comprehend ADHD and methods I cope and handle it. I have actually shared a lot of social posts and blog posts about how Ive found out to live with ADHD. However, I have shared very little about the important things that I actually fight with. In light of National ADHD Awareness Month and bringing more awareness to this disorder, I thought I would share more about my story below.

I Hate Medication

This one actually crawls under my skin. It truly appears like when Im ecstatic about something or Im working really tough on a job, that I get identified as having “high energy” ADHD. I dislike the preconceptions that connect to ADHD.

Doesnt it appear like everybody and their dog has ADHD? I dont understand when it became so popular to just rattle off “oh ya I have that too” when someone opens about their neurobiological condition. Dont get me wrong, I like that individuals want to relate and make those people with ADHD feel a bit more “normal,” however it can likewise feel a little undermining sometimes when everybody states they have ADHD.

What I actually require is rest. This is probably my least preferred thing about ADHD. The only thing that assists me on these days are taking a great, deep breath and knowing that this day will not last permanently.

I no longer take Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Lexapro, or any other kind of stimulants. I have never liked the method medication makes me feel and constantly knew in my gut (got ta trust that instinct) that medication was not the finest route for me. Over the years, Ive discovered that if I exercise daily or at least move my body with a walk, that it really helps relax my mind and keep me feeling stable.

Individuals with ADHD are “Hyper”.

I have likewise been seeing my therapist for over 6 years steadily. I am constantly checking out about and discovering more on ADHD and attempt to stay up to date on new research studies and findings. Including my ADHD into my every day life with Grant so Im less afraid to talk about it has likewise been useful.

Im Exhausted.

No, You Do Not Have ADHD.

The Important Things That Help Me.

The only method to understand for sure is to see a medical professional, or more, or 3.

Do you battle with ADHD? How do you cope/manage? Leave a remark below and continue to assist spread awareness this month!

xoxo jacey.


It truly seems like when Im excited about something or Im working truly tough on a task, that I get labeled as having “high energy” ADHD. Dont get me incorrect, I enjoy that individuals want to relate and make those of us with ADHD feel a bit more “typical,” however it can also feel a little weakening at times when everyone says they have ADHD.

Sure, in some cases I might feel baffled but I do not live in a consistent state of condition just since I have ADHD. It wasnt till living with me for lots of years for him to truly understand the daily nuances and little ticks that make life with ADHD, and life living with an individual who has ADHD, rather the struggle. In light of National ADHD Awareness Month and bringing more awareness to this condition, I believed I would share more about my story below.