May 16, 2022

Wardrobe Inquiry: Joie Chavis Celebrates Her Birthday in Custom Silver Crystal Chainmail Dress by Usama Ishtay

My birthday is coming up and I would enjoy to know where this gown is from?

Joie Chavis commemorated her birthday leaked out in a custom gown by Usama Ishtay, styled by Mimi Cuttrell. The dress appears strapless in a corset-like design adorned with silver crystal chainmail fabric. The skirt of the gown drapes asymmetrically complete with a set of chain thong undergarments.

She combined the shimmering appearance with PVC heels and jewelry pieces such as hoop earrings and rings. For her hairdo, the design went with a basic straight hairstyle to end up the look.

We wish Joie Chavis a pleased birthday!

Pictures: Blair Caldwell.