November 30, 2022

We Are Pregnant!

Well, we have some news!

We are so grateful for every single one of your sweet comments, messages, prayers, and love! They suggest the world to us! We are so ecstatic to satisfy this little man and cant wait to take on being a parent!

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Were you all pursuing a baby?

It was such an unique time for us, given that we were both all set to take on this next chapter. It took us a couple months to conceive– I understand how fortunate we are and do not take that for approved.

Did you take ovulation tests?

The digital ovulation tests validated what I currently understood!

Whats your greatest pregnancy craving?

McDonalds fries. Im generally a sugary foods gal when Im not pregnant, but ever given that being pregnant, I only want SALT!

Will you be doing a home birth or medical facility?

Medical facility!

Were you nervous to inform people?

I was extremely nervous! Sometimes its assumed that if you inform people youre pregnant, then you know everything will be fine, when thats not always the case. I did inform our household pretty early, since I wanted an excellent assistance system around us. When I feel a great deal of stress and anxiety about the “unknown”, I find a lot of peace by positioning my trust in God.

Pregnancy symptoms youve experienced therefore far?

Nausea: Ive had queasiness but thankfully, never threw up. Being pregnant kind of feels like a hangover, except you do not get up the next early morning and feel better. The queasiness was irritating, I feel blessed that I was able to still work out etc, due to the fact that Ive had many buddies who have spent most of their very first trimester days hugging the toilet.

Tiredness: nobody ever speaks about the fatigue!! I feel entirely depleted all the time. Because I didnt believe I could complete the shopping trip haha, I as soon as had to stop in the middle of a grocery store aisle.

Cramping: this was one thing nobody ever informed me about! The early cramping during weeks 5-8 was so uncomfortable!

Cotton mouth: no matter just how much water or dripdrop I consume, I cant seem to eliminate the middle of the night cotton mouth. Told you it resembled a hangover!

When did your signs get the worst?

10-12 weeks were the worst for me!

What prenatal vitamins are you taking?

Im taking Ritual prenatal vitamins. Theyre amazing– highly suggest! My code is GRACE for 10% off.

Are you still exercising?

Im still finishing The Daily Burns! I do not need to modify too much because my stomach isnt big yet, but will be sharing pregnancy modifications on when the time comes!

Do you take a child aspirin along with your prenatal?

I took a child aspirin when trying to develop, per my physicians suggestion due to a previous embolism triggered by birth control (specifically, the estrogen in birth control). As soon as we got pregnant and had the ability to ingratiate the hematologist, he put me on a daily injection of Lovenox (blood slimmers). Oral blood slimmers can not be taken when pregnant due to some research revealing that they hurt the fetus.

Did you have any signs before your positive pregnancy test?

The symptoms are so similar to PMS that its tough to identify in between the 2. I took the First Response Early Results pregnancy test a day before my missed out on duration, so you wouldnt experience lots of symptoms until you miss your duration. The two week wait is the hardest!

What will be your first post-delivery meal?

Sushi or a deli sandwich! I miss raw tuna + deli meat so much!

How numerous kids do you all desire?

We intend to be blessed with 3-4, however truthfully just taking it one at a time haha. I think it depends upon how this pregnancy goes!

Did you get injectables while pregnant?

I did not and do not plan on doing so. Theres not any research on injectables for pregnant ladies, so its much better to lean on the side of care. I did have dysport and lip fillers done before trying to conceive, however gave up once we started attempting. Numerous buddies informed me that your face fills out throughout pregnancy, so you actually dont miss it much!

How & & when did you discover the gender?

J & & I learnt the gender * accidentally * when we opened the genetic test results online. We simply desired to make sure the baby was healthy, however mistakenly saw the gender! It wound up being a very charming minute in between us. Some minutes arent supposed to be photographed or filmed. We shocked our family with a confetti popper though!

Did you know it was going to be a kid?

Everyone thought it was going to be a woman, consisting of J! I had a couple of dreams that it was a young boy, but nobody would think me !!

Did you get the COVID vaccine?

I got the COVID vaccine before getting pregnant, and finished my booster & & influenza vaccine at 15 weeks pregnant. A growing number of pregnant individuals are getting hospitalized for COVID, so it was a concern for me.

Why did you all choose that its the correct time for a baby?

Weve always desired a family together and it simply felt like the best time.

Do you have a name chose?

Photography by Erin Trimble.

We have a name selected, however are keeping it private for the time being. We might end up sharing it though. Its a traditional name with a contemporary spelling, and the middle name will be a family name in honor of Js grandparents.

We are so fired up to meet this little person and cant wait to take on parenthood!

It was such a special time for us, considering that we were both ready to take on this next chapter. It took us a couple months to conceive– I comprehend how fortunate we are and do not take that for granted. Oral blood thinners can not be taken when pregnant due to some research showing that they hurt the fetus.

We just wanted to make sure the infant was healthy, but unintentionally saw the gender!