May 17, 2022

What I Ordered For Baby #2 + What We’ll Be Re-Using From Our First Time Around

Hatch– We got the Hatch about a year ago for Harper and truly like it. Well get another one for baby young boys nursery and utilize it as his sound device from the start.

BabyBjorn Carrier grey beige mesh- We didnt use our baby carrier a lot when Harper was young (we utilized it later), however I understand with baby # 2 the carrier will be substantial for numerous factors. Considering that Im little, I wanted a provider that would work on my frame and be comfortable for both child and I from the start. Ive heard good ideas about this one and like the grey/beige color.

The child content youve all been asking for is slowly going to trickle in, lol. Ive gotten a lot of demand to share what were buying for child # 2 and Im so excited to bring you this post today! I didnt consist of the clothing hauls Ive purchased from Gap, Zara, and H&M just since I desired to focus this list on child fundamentals (equipment, furnishings, etc). We found out a lot about whats important, what doesnt get utilized, and what we liked the very first go around. This has actually helped SO much with looking for infant kid. We likewise kept a great deal of the larger pieces– crib, bassinet, lounger, and rocking chair, so it doesnt feel like we have to purchase excessive.

Owlivia Sleepers off white– We stumbled upon these right after having Harper. I purchased a lot of these off Amazon Prime and they were a game changer. I bought a bunch of these in newborn and 3-6 months for baby young boy.

Bugaboo Wheeled Board– Instead of getting a double stroller, were going to attempt this board attachment for our Bugaboo Lynx stroller. Harper is extremely thrilled about it … well see. Were also getting the Veer Cruiser wagon, so that will can be found in handy when both kids need to sit.

Green Sprouts Muslin Bibs white– These were our favorite bibs with Harper, specifically when she was little. Theyre neutral, charming, and extremely simple. Definitely ordering more of these for infant boy.

Green Sprout Burp Cloths white- These are fantastic! The curved shaped fits completely on your shoulder and theyre a terrific size. Im just really buying these this time around.

Babyletto Hudson Crib– Well be utilizing Harpers old baby crib for child kid. We have not grievances about the crib. Love that we chose a classic design, so it works years later on.
Nuna Pipa Car Seat– While I believe theres better cars and truck seats out there now, I figure we have this one, so why not utilize it. Its in excellent condition and all strollers have adapters for it. When Harper utilized it, we loved this cars and truck seat.
Snoo Bassinet– We utilized the SNOO Bassinet with Harper and liked it (you can read my review here). I understand my review says we would not utilize it for child # 2, however because we have it, well use it. We might just end up utilizing it as a routine bassinet for our room– just depends upon how infant young boy sleeps. I will absolutely keep you published.
Cuddle Me Organic– This is another item we loved with Harper. We utilized this very early when naps were not constantly in the SNOO. I like that this lounger is snug for infant versus the Dock-a-tot, which is big and roomy.
Boppy Nursing Pillow– I used this everyday up until I stopped nursing (18 months). My best-friend if you will, lol. We kept ours, but Ill be changing out the cover to this one.

Stokke Steps High Chair– We got so much usage out of this high chair and Im excited to use it again for child kid. The contemporary design, fantastic quality, and neutral color truly enables you to utilize it for more than one kid.

Infant Optics Add-On Camera– Found and did some research study that our camera system has an add-on video camera, so were choosing it! I would not state this video camera is fantastic, however it does the task and it still works 3+ years later. Ill keep you published on how it all comes together.

Im sharing what we bought for child # 2 as well as what well be re-using from our time with Harper. BabyBjorn Carrier grey beige mesh- We didnt utilize our infant provider a lot when Harper was young (we utilized it later on), however I understand with infant # 2 the carrier will be huge for numerous factors. Babyletto Hudson Crib– Well be utilizing Harpers old crib for baby boy. I know my evaluation states we wouldnt use it for baby # 2, but since we have it, well utilize it. We might just end up utilizing it as a routine bassinet for our space– just depends on how infant boy sleeps.

Kyte Baby Sleepers (oat and aloe)– These were extremely suggested by you, so Im thrilled to attempt these out. Zipper sleepers and quite neutral colors.

Levo Rocker– We used the Nuna Leaf a lot with Harper, she liked it and we like it. We in fact still have it, but I knew we would need an additional rocker like chair. I enjoy the look of the Levo chair, but I likewise like that its non-toxic and will grow with infant.

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Honest Company Diapers– We liked utilizing Honest diapers. Non-toxic, safe, and no issues with leakages. I like the ordering/delivery service– it makes ordering diapers SO simple. We never had any problems with not having diapers, which is so nice. I understand lots of people love Honest for their diaper prints, but we get the basic white (not a print fan).

Mushie Pacifier– We used Ecopacifier with Harper and had not complaints, however because she was born/was an infant, there has been many other non-toxic, non-plastic pacifiers that have come out. The Mushie Frigg pacifiers appear super popular and theyre so charming. I already have some and theyre light-weight, adorable, and be available in numerous excellent neutral colors.

CB2 Rocking Chair– This is one of our favorite purchases of all time, lol. We were very thorough when buying our rocking chair for Harper– we desired something comfortable, modern-day, and high enough for Mike. We love this rocking chair! Its big enough for a parent and toddler to sit beside each other and its comfy! I do want they had more colors when we purchased ours (at the time, the charcoal color was the only alternative) due to the fact that we would have done something lighter. However yes, well be using this once again as its held up truly well and in excellent shape.

Caraa Backpack black– I definitely desired a new diaper bag this time around. Having some experience and knowing what works for our household and all the things we schlep around, bag option for baby # 2 was a no brainer. Were a constantly ready type of household, so I like to have everything in my bag– I cant just wing a bag like other mamas, lol. I randomly identified this Caraa infant knapsack and understood it would be perfect. Huge adequate and raised– the 2 primary must-haves. I havent received this backpack yet (its on back-order), so Ill keep you published on how we like it.

Seventh Generation Wipes– We have used these considering that day 1 and still till this day use them for practically everything. Theyre mild and tidy, with no fragrance– which is terrific! Were also able to order in bulk from Amazon, so thats another plus.

What I Ordered For Baby # 2.

What Were Re-Using From The First Time Around.

Ikea cabinet white– We used a West Elm dresser for Harper, but the drawers didnt hold a great deal of clothes. Weve recently switch Harper over to the Ikea Hemnes cabinet and well get the exact same for baby kid. Its been the best cabinet for all of us throughout the years– its such a great size and holds a lot.

Earth Mama Diaper Balm– This is our preferred diaper balm. Harper never ever had diaper rash. This smells delightful and its non-toxic and tidy..

Sleepea Swaddle graphite starts- We used the SNOO for Harper and it features a swaddle that connects to the inside of the bassinet. Harper left each and every single swaddle, except when she was in the SNOO. After a few months Happiest Baby brought out individual swaddles that were made precisely the exact same however didnt have the flaps to connect to the bassinet. We ordered a couple of and they were a game changer! This time around, Im just buying these. They can be found in a variety of colors and sizes.

Im sharing what we bought for infant # 2 as well as what well be re-using from our time with Harper. Remember, our fundamentals might not be your households essentials. Everybody likes various things and what works for us may not work for you. Its all about individual preference, baby, and way of life.